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Access your Citadel calendar and contacts from Thunderbird

If you're looking for an end-to-end open source replacement for Outlook and Exchange, look no further. The answer is Citadel, of course, using Thunderbird as a client plus some extensions to bring it all together. This knowledge base article explains how to put it all together.

Calendar library update for 2007 DST changes

Citadel users located in the United States will want to upgrade to libical 0.27, which contains (among other things) updated time zone information including the changes for Daylight Savings Time (DST) which begin in 2007.

If you installed the Citadel system using the Easy Install method, simply run Easy Install again and you will automatically receive this upgrade.

Please note that this must be installed in addition to any patches which are required by your host operating system.

Citadel featured in Linux Journal

The February 2007 issue of Linux Journal has a feature article about the Citadel system written by Jon Watson, who boldly declares, “Microsoft Exchange, meet your replacement.” Grab a copy and check it out, or read it online.

· %2007/%02/%08 %09:%Feb · Art Cancro

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