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How Do I Customize WebCit?

Look & Feel

The default WebCit installation will create an empty directory called static.local. Easy install will do so in /usr/local/webcit/; the debs in /usr/share/citadel-webcit/static.local/.

You may place a file called webcit.css into this directory. If its present, its referenced after the default stylesheet. If you know CSS and wish to customize your WebCit installation, any styles you declare in static.local/webcit.css will override the styles found in static/webcit.css.

You may also place other files, such as images, in static.local for further customization.

Your customizations will not be overwritten later upgrades.

to make the changes take effect restart webcit:

/etc/init.d/webcit restart

Wording / Translating

WebCit utilizes GNU Gettext to provide localization. As WebCit is threadded, you need threadsafe locale support. They 're available in the GNU libc used in usual Linux Distributions, and Apples MacOS X. *BSD doesn't; if you need it, report a bug to them.

This would be also the right way to change some strings, if you don't like ours.

If you want to create a translation, you should log into Uncensored! and ask if anybody already started this language. If not, here's how to get started:

#: c-file the string is kept in
#: fuzzy if gettext isn't shure what to do; remove this
msgid "The original Message Text"
msgstr "Your translation in some other or the same ;-) language"
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