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How do I automatically forward all mail to a remote email address somewhere?

Note to users of older Citadel systems: you might recall that this used to involve a different procedure. Beginning with 7.00 it is now delightfully easy.

You can set up automatic forwarding of all email to an external mail account anywhere on the Internet (or elsewhere on a Citadel network, if you so desire). This is sometimes known in Unix parlance as a .forward - file.

It is configured using the mail sorting/filtering system which first appeared in version 7.00 of the Citadel system. The easiest way to configure it is to use WebCit. Log on to WebCit and select Advanced – View/edit server side mail filters – and if you haven't configured any rules yet, switch the “When new mail arrives…” drop-down box from “Leave it in my mailbox without filtering” to “Filter it according to the rules selected below.”

Then click “Add rule.” Create a new rule which reads something like this: “If (All), forward to: (enter the forwarding address here), and then Stop.” Your rule will look like this (click to enlarge) :

In the above configuration, all mail will be sent to the forwarding address – it will not be kept in your Citadel inbox. If you would like to keep incoming mail in your Citadel inbox in addition to forwarding it, you need only add one extra rule.

The two rules together will look like this (click to enlarge) :

Obviously this only demonstrates a small fraction of the things you can do with the sorting/filtering system. It also lets you sort and filter based on headers, message size, etc. If you add those kind of rules, you might choose to add them before your forwarding rule, so only the messages which don't get sorted are forwarded, or after your forwarding rule, so messages get sorted in addition to being forwarded. There is no limit to the possible configurations.

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