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How Do I Create A Public Mailbox To Be Accessed By Several Users?

The Mailbox in Webcit behaves a bit differently than those on other mail systems. Therefore, you will get unexpected results if you just create a new user and make its Inbox public.

The way to do this using Citadel is to create a “public room, in the below manner:

  1. Navigate to Advanced → Create a new room
  2. Enter the desired name for your public mailbox,
  3. Select the Floor it should be created on. Choose carefully, this also influences the location of your new room in your imap or webcit directory hierarchy!
  4. Select Bulletin Board for the view type
  5. Select either “Public” or “Private - invitation only” depending on how you want to limit access to it. Do not select Personal!
  6. Click Create.

Now you can send mail into this room.

If you don't like the email address, you can beautify this email address.

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