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Configuring a Jabber client to access Citadel

Citadel's instant messenger functions may be accessed from your favorite Jabber client. This makes it very easy to keep in touch with other Citadel users around the clock by seamlessly integrating it into your desktop experience.

These instructions are for Pidgin. If you are using some other client (such as Trillian or Kopete) please perform whatever configuration steps are equivalent to these.

First, start up Pidgin:

Select “Accounts –> Manage Accounts” and then click “Add”.

For the type of account, select XMPP.

Your user name will be your account name on the Citadel server. Spaces tend to be a problem, so you should either replace the spaces with underscores or use a valid Citadel email address as your username instead.

In the “Domain” box, enter the host name of your Citadel server.

“Resource” is not important; you can set it to any value you want.

Enter your password in the password box.

“Remember password” is up to you, but you'll probably want to check that.

Now toggle over to the “Advanced” tab. Check the “Allow plaintext auth over unencrypted streams” box. The service will not work without this option set.

The account is now configured. Check the “Enabled” box to log in.

Now your Citadel companions will appear in your instant messenger program! You don't have to worry about maintaining a buddy list. Since Citadel sites tend to be accessed by small groups of people, your buddy list will simply appear as a list of everyone currently logged into the server.

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