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I Want A Particular Room To Send Mail To "test@yourcitadel.org" On The Addition Of A New Message

This is achievable, though not yet in a user friendly way. Currently, shell access with at least Citadel user (or root) to the Citadel Server box and Aide level access to Citadel is required.

If your installation of Citadel is not set up for peering to other Citadels, a fake connection will need to be created. Ths can be done by taking the following steps:

The newly created fake node will now be visible under Currently configured nodes.

Now that the fake peering is in place, the room from which you want to send out mail needs to be setup, if not already present. To setup this room, take the following steps: * Goto Advanced

Now that the settings configurable via the Web interface have been completed, the more advanced shell operations can be configured.

Citadel has a netconfigs directory, which may be found in different locations depending on the type of Citadel installation. If your install is the EasyInstall version, the directory will be located in the /usr/local/citadel/netconfigs folder. For an LHFS install the directory will be located at /etc/citadel/netconfigs/. It will be in one or more files within this netconfigs directory that your UniqueString will be found. The easiest way to locate it is to grep for it, using the grep UniqueString netconfigs/* command, for example.

Your favorite editor may now be used to edit the contents of this file from:

ignet_push_share|fakenode|UniqString to


At this point, WebCit may now be used to forward email to your test@yourcitadel.org address when new messages are posted to your room.


Your room may be subscribed to maiing lists without concern for possible mail loops as mail sent from test@yourcitadel.org to room_some_room@yourothercitadel.org, yourothercitadel.org will not send email out to test@yourcitadel.org.

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