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How do I ... in WebCit?


Mark all emails in my Mailbox

Press <Shift> <Left Mouse> on the uppermost list entry

Mark the upper most 10 emails

Do as above to mark all, and afterwards press <Shift><Left Mouse> on the mail # 10. The uppermost 10 mails are now marked.

Mark Various Mails

Hold down the <CTRL> key and select the mails you like to select. Note: WebCit will display every mail you select.

Moving, etc.

Note: These operations work for marked mails.

Move to some other folder

Change the menu bar to Room view (if you didn't already) Hold down the <Left Mouse> on the mail(s) you want to move, Drag them over to the folder you want to move to, release the mouse key


Move them as above or just press the <Del> key

How do I create a Subroom of a Room?

Its not nice, but its there:

Advanced -> Create a new room

and now enter:

[existing room]\subroomname
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