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How do i use Citadel's XMPP/Jabber service with Irssi/Bitlbee?

Bitlbee is a gateway, which lets you connect with your favourite IM services from your IRC client. Here we show how to use the popular console client irssi to connect with the citadel IM service.

First a quick irssi tutorial, showing how to add a regular IRC network server, channel, and auto login. I'll use freenode as an example, and the #citadel channel. However for support, get an account on the uncensored.citadel.org system and use the “Citadel Support” room.(it's best to view support room as a mail folder) http://uncensored.citadel.org/dotgoto?room=Citadel%20Support


log into irssi:

$ irssi

  issue: /set nick <your_nick>
  issue: /set real_name <Your Name>
  issue: /network add -nick <your_nick> Freenode
  issue: /server add -auto -network Freenode irc.freenode.net
  issue: /channel add -auto #citadel Freenode
  issue: /network add -autosendcmd "/msg nickserv identify <yourpassword>;wait 2000" Freenode

You now have the freenode network, server, and the channel #citadel saved. You will be automaically logged in next time you fire up irssi. Use the same methods to add other networks, servers and channels.

More information on irssi here: http://www.irssi.org/about


1) Install bitlbee:

I used my linux distros package manager. You can get the latest version from the project homepage: http://www.bitlbee.org/main.php/download.html

2) Connecting to bitlbee:

Start the IRC client, irssi:

Add the network and server to irssi:

    issue: /network add bitlbee
    issue: /server add -auto -network bitlbee localhost

Connect to local server:

   issue:  /connect bitlbee              ;or "/connect localhost", you should now be in the bitlbee control channel

If you have any problems connecting to localhost, you might need to reboot you computer.

3) Setup/register an account password for your new bitlbee account on your machine:

   issue: register
   issue: /oper
   issue: <your-new-bitlbee-account_password>

Setup autojoin with automatic identification prompt for subsequent startups:

   issue: /channel add -auto -botcmd '/say identify\; /oper' &bitlbee bitlbee
   issue: /save

When you next restart irssi, you will be prompted for your password.

4) Add a xmpp/jabber account:

Adding a citadel account works the same as adding a facebook account: https://wiki.bitlbee.org/HowtoFacebook

  issue:   account add  jabber  <username>@uncensored.citadel.org
  issue: /oper <return>
  issue: <your-uncensored-account_password>

To check the account has been added successfully:

  issue: account list

To delete an account:

  issue: account <ID> del

To reset tag of account if needed (google+ and facebook accounts automatically assign tags when added)

   issue: account <ID> set                 ;to list all the setable config options
   issue: account <ID> set tag  <newtag>   ;to change the tag (i changed the tag jabber to citadel)

And make sure to save this now:

   issue: save

You can add further accounts; twitter, gtalk, facebook etc… For help with more services, see here: https://wiki.bitlbee.org/

When you come to start up the irssi client next, you will be prompted for your bitlbee password. When you login you will automatically login to 'all' your xmpp/jabber accounts.

5) Login and chat:

Use either the numeric or name ID of the account (you can see the numeric ID when you 'list' the accounts):-

  issue: account <ID> on                      ;to logout issue:    account <ID> off    ; if needed

You should now see the names of,all your account's, contacts in the bitlbee control channel

At any time we can see the names of our contacts/buddies in the &bitlbee (control)channel:

  issue: blist

To chat with someone in the bitlbee control channel:

  issue: <contact_name>: <message>           ;don't forget the colon after contact's name 

To open a seperate channel to chat with someone:

  issue: /msg <contact_name> <message>      

Much easier if there are alot of people from various accounts in the bitlbee control channel.

To create a seperate channel for an account:

  issue: /join &<ID>                         ;where ID matches the number/name in account list, include the ampersand


And that about wraps it up. I find it very easy, chatting in an xterm sometimes, with my IM friends. With no distracting adverts, wall posts or shared web content- it's bliss. Nobody would guess i was using a pre WWW text-only interface, to engage in the latest social media fad. But in the BBS days of text only terminals, the internet had it's heyday- some say. Social networks were born on the internet, with online communites of connected bulletin board systems: like citadel.

If you yearn for those pre WWW days you might like to try the official text client to access citadel. Many people do, especially those who grew up (and developed) the original citadel BBS system.

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