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Install Citadel on RPM based distributions

Citadel is available as RPM-Package for the following distributions:

Use this link to install: Citadel

Use this link to install: Webcit

For all distributions the following steps have to be accomplished, but are different for each distribution (see links above):

  1. Add repository with the distributions package management tool (e.g. zypper, yum, urpmi)
  2. update package cache
  3. install citadel and/or webcit with the distributions package management tool

The following main packages are available:

After installation edit the configuration files /etc/sysconfig/citadel and /etc/sysconfig/webcit according to your needs. Then run

 % /usr/sbin/citadel-setup 

to initialise citadel's database and to create an admin account.

SysVinit and systemd

The older RPM based distributions, like SLES and CENTOS, use sysvinit as init system. With these distributions the citadel and webcit daemons will be started through the scripts /etc/init.d/citadel and /etc/init.d/webcit. So, you would use

% /etc/init.d/citadel start

to start the citserver daemon.

The newer distributions, like openSUSE, fedora and Mandriva, use systemd as init system. So, you can would use

% systemctl start citadel.service

to start the citserver daemon. The FAQ article about systemd describes how to use systemd.

The service command will work in either case, e.g.:

% service citadel start
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