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Checking what services are running

Several tools are available. We will just scratch the surface here; if you want to dig deeper you can use the 'man' command to read the system's reference, i.e. man ps


Ps is there on allmost all unix oses. But you may find that they may vary in usage. We will use grep to filter the content we are interested in.

root@yourserver:/# ps -eaf |grep cit
root     16824     1  0 00:30 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/citserver -d -x3 -lmail -t/dev/null
citadel  16825 16824  0 00:30 ?        00:00:07 /usr/sbin/citserver -d -x3 -lmail -t/dev/null
root     27303 27559  0 21:47 ttyp4    00:00:00 grep cit

two citserver processes are running here. Thats fine because of citadel uses one process to monitor that its main process stays available to you.


this is not available on all oses. But as it gives a nice output here what its looking like:

root@yourserver:/# pstree -p
        |                                     |-{citserver}(16832)
        |                                     |-{citserver}(16833)
        |                                     |-{citserver}(16834)
        |                                     |-{citserver}(16835)
        |                                     `-{citserver}(16836)
        |                                     |-{webserver}(27335)
        |                                     |-{webserver}(27336)
        |                                     |-{webserver}(27337)
        |                                     |-{webserver}(27338)
        |                                     `-{webserver}(27339)

which shows you the watcher processes and, as its child the worker. Here we have one running webcit, if you have enabled ssl, you will find another branch.

top / prstat

Keeps an interactive display. It can sort by Cpu or Memory usage.

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