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citserver fails to start, and an error message like "DB: Lock table is out of available object entries" appears in the log

If you are experiencing this error, it is likely that you are operating Citadel with a fairly large database. Not to worry; there is some very easy tuning you can do to make the problem go away.

First things first: here is how the error is likely to appear in your log:

2007/07/06 22:52:57.745730 DB: Lock table is out of available object entries
2007/07/06 22:52:57.745923 cdb_next_item(2): Cannot allocate memory

All you have to do is create a file called “DB_CONFIG” in your data directory (such as /usr/local/citadel/data). In it, you should place the following lines:

set_lk_max_locks 2000
set_lk_max_lockers 2000
set_lk_max_objects 2000

Each of the above items is set to 1000 by default, so 2000 is a good place to start; increase by 1000 until the system is working properly.

For more details, read about sizing your system in the Berkeley DB reference guide.

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