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Webcit built successfull with locale support, but it's nailed to one.

This is might be dependant with your LANGUAGE environment variable. If you call 'unset LANGUAGE' and the behaviour disapears, you're done. In case of your os being *BSD, you can use this to specify the locale for the whole webserver process; no per thread (→ per user / login) locale here so far.

dpkg-reconfigure locales

and select the locales you need. (the patterns you select should contain .UTF8 at the end, and look like en_US)


it should list something like that: (the UTF8 is important)

Generating locales (this might take a while)...
es_ES.UTF-8... done
de_DE.UTF-8... done

You might check back whether the files appeared; eventually you need to reinstall the citadel-webcit package.

find /usr/share/locale/ -name webcit.mo

should verify that the files are present.

Then restart webcit,

/etc/init.d/webcit stop
/etc/init.d/webcit start

so it can make use of them

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