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Support options for Citadel

Citadel has an active community of users and developers who can help you with your installation.

We also have an extensive FAQ / Knowledge Base right here on the web site. It's also searchable – put your search terms into the “Search” box on the top of this web page, and you might just be taken straight to the answer you were looking for.


Citadel Support

This is the primary forum for asking questions, getting installation help, requesting new features, and meeting other people in the community of Citadel site operators. You can access it one of several different ways:

  • You can subscribe/unsubscribe to Citadel Support as a mailing list.
  • Please do not email or instant-message individual developers directly unless you have been invited to. If you don't understand why this is considered rude, read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way). By posting in the support forum, you allow others insight into your troubles and more people will be available to help you.
  • Remember not to post private data like user names or passwords in dumps or log snippets. Either search and replace these items with dummy names, or better yet, try to reproduce the problem using a test account that you can delete afterwards.

Citadel Development

This is an internal forum for Citadel developers. Project contributors may request access.

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