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Citadel is moving to a "rolling release" model

We don't announce every release, which is why the “news” section of this web site can occasionally appear outdated. Check the “Download” section for the latest releases.

Citadel will shortly be moving to a “rolling release” model. Because of this, the version numbers will no longer have decimal points in them. For example, the next version after 9.01 will be 902, followed by 903, 904, etc. There will no longer be any such thing as a “major release” or a “minor release” – instead, all bug fixes, security patches, and new functionality will simply appear in new releases as they are published.

Packagers for various operating systems may choose to cherry-pick updates for “stable versions” as per each publisher's individual policy. However, the upstream Citadel releases will proceed incrementally, and all releases will be considered suitable for general availability.

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