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Can I configure Citadel to use an antivirus program?

Beginning with version 7.50, the Citadel system contains built-in support for the open source ClamAV antivirus software. Once configured, all incoming mail will be scanned for viruses, and rejected if any are found.

ClamAV must be configured to listen on a TCP/IP socket. Citadel will attempt to connect to it on port 3310, which is the default. Here is a sample configuration snippet from /etc/clamd.conf:

  # TCP port address.
  # Default: no
  TCPSocket 3310
  # TCP address.
  # By default we bind to INADDR_ANY, probably not wise.
  # Enable the following to provide some degree of protection
  # from the outside world.
  # Default: no

Once ClamAV is running, and listening on a TCP/IP socket, just go to Administration --> Domain names and Internet mail configuration --> ClamAV hosts and enter the IP address of your ClamAV server (which will be if you are running it on the same host as the Citadel server, which is recommended).

You can also connect Citadel to ClamAV using the .Aide System-configuration Internet command in the text mode client.

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