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WebCit Public Folder

Part of the Citadel system is WebCit, a rich web-based front end to the system. This screenshot shows a public folder or message board being viewed in WebCit.

WebCit Calendar

Here's a calendar room being viewed in WebCit.

WebCit Email

And here's a traditional email folder view in WebCit.

WebCit Rich Edit

Rich text editing of messages is possible, even in a web browser.

WebCit Summary

WebCit has a convenient "summary" view, bringing together important information on one screen in real time.

WebCit Task List

Here is a task list being viewed in WebCit.

Sticky notes

Jot down quick bits of information using the familiar "sticky notes" metaphor.

KDE Kontact

KDE Kontact is easy to connect to Citadel using GroupDAV. Here we see a Citadel address book being viewed in Kontact.


A Citadel Calendar being viewed in Kontact.


You can connect Evolution to the Citadel calendar service using GroupDAV.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook can connect to Citadel's email and public folder services using Microsoft IMAP.

WebCit System Adminstration

System configuration is easy and intuitive. Here's part of the main site configuration screen.

Citadel Text Rooms

Citadel is groupware with BBS roots, so it's no surprise that Citadel still offers a traditional text-based BBS front end. This screenshot shows a listing of all the rooms on a Citadel site.

Citadel Text Message

The text-based BBS front end allows quick and easy review and entry of messages.

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