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How do I retrieve mail from remote servers/accounts and file that mail into Citadel?


In WebCit, imply navigate to the room into which you wish to fetch messages (usually your "Mail" room, i.e. your inbox) and select Advanced --> Edit or delete this room --> Remote retrieval, and then enter the hostname of your remote POP3 mail server, along with the username and password of your account there.

You will also notice that you can elect to keep messages on the remote server or delete them.

There is also an option to set the "interval" between collections. This setting is in seconds. If left at zero POP3 collection will occur at the system default interval. If set to a non zero value then POP3 collection for this room will occur at the configured interval. Note, however, that the system administrator can configure a low limit for this interval, if you configure an interval lower than the configured limit then this room will collect POP3 mail only at the interval limit set by the system administrator.


FreePOPs can be plugged between citadels pop3 aggregation service, and various web-email providers that don't offer POP3 access. Note that you need to disable Citadel's POP3 (non ssl) service, so it can bind port 110.

RSS aggregation

Aggregating remote messages via RSS is done via the same method.

RSS feeds are collected at the interval configured as the "Network run frequency" which is configured by the system administrator.

Citadel command line

If you wish to use the text mode client to perform the same configuration, use the ".Enter remote POP3 accounts" command (type ".e3" at the keyboard).


If however your upstream provider doesn't support POP3, (and fetchmail is a bit more versatile here) This sample config snippet might help you with fetchmail:

poll someimapserver.org protocol imap
username remoteuse-email@somedomain.org is yourcitadelaccount@yourcitadel.org here
password Opensesame
smtphost /var/run/citadel/lmtp.socket
smtphost /usr/local/citadel/lmtp.socket

(the first smtphost is in LHFS Mode, the second in easy install mode)

fetchmail & domainpop

(contributed by Dan Boid)

Some old-fashioned providers just provide one account to poll per domain. Original recipients are provided in a special header, that needs to be restored while delivering it to citserver. Here's a sample /etc/fetchmailrc:

set daemon 600
set postmaster "postmaster@yourdomain.org"
set no bouncemail
set no spambounce
set logfile /root/fetchlog
poll mailhost.yourisp.com aka yourdomain.org
envelope "X-Envelope-To"
user "username@yourisp.com" with pass "password" to * here fetchall
smtphost /usr/local/citadel/lmtp.socket
smtphost /var/run/citadel/lmtp.socket
smtpaddress yourdomain.org

note that the token after **aka** is used to split the email address specified by the X-Envelope-To header. **X-Envelope-To** may change depending on your provider.

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