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How do I "uninstall" Citadel?

We will assume that you are very happy with the Citadel system, and installed it on a production server, and now you need to remove it from your test server. We cannot think of any other reason why you would want to uninstall Citadel. ☺

Easy Install

If your installation was performed using Easy Install, then all you have to do is delete the following three directories:

  * /usr/local/citadel
  * /usr/local/webcit
  * /usr/local/ctdlsupport
You will also need to remove the entries for Citadel and WebCit in your systemd or init.d directories.

Debian Packages

First, we need to remember which packages you installed:
  dpkg --list |grep -i citadel

Remove these packages with
  dpkg -r citadel-server citadel-webcit ...

Purge the configs:
  dpkg --purge citadel-server citadel-webcit ...
The data-files go to /var/lib/citadel, if you like to get rid of them.
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