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Notification API

Citadel can notify external applications of new messages in users' inboxes.

URL Scheme in admin interface

The admin interface in webcit has a new box to which you can add notification URLs. Citadel will notify each of them one by one of new mails for these users.


If filename is empty, a GET will be triggered on incomming mails; the template tokens will be substituted into the URL part.

If filename is there it will be posted to the URL you specified, the tokens will be replaced with the data of the current mail.

Url: An average HTTP url, with optional Username:Password, and Port:


These are the Tokens which are to be filled in:

Token		Value
-----		-----
%%^%%notifyuser	the user who received the message
%%^%%msgid	the UUID which could help finding the mail via IMAP
%%^%%msgnum	The citadel ID wich could reference the mail via for the Citadel/Webcit Protocol

Per User Setting

Every user can choose the Notification channel he wants to receive his notifications with. To use This notification method, click Advanced - Edit your push email settings -- and choose "Use custom notification scheme configured by your administrator"

After that, messages to that user should cause notification triggers to your application.

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