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Configuring Relaying

There are several situations in which you may not want your Citadel server to deliver mail directly to recipients over the public Internet. These include:

If this is the case, you can relay all outbound mail through a smart host. You can configure a smart host two ways:

You can specify just a host name or IP address, but if you need to add a port number, username and password, or SMTPS instead of SMTP, you can specify a valid SMTP URI, such as:


For example, if your relay is at relay2.provider.com and is on port 587 and you have to log in with username joebloggs and password 12345 your SMTP URI would be:


But what if your username has an @ in it? If so, replace the @ with %40 and it will work. For example, if your username in the above example was joebloggs@mydomain.com then your SMTP URI would be:


Using multiple smart hosts

If you configure multiple smart hosts, one will be selected at random for each message that is delivered. If one of them is unavailable, the others will be tried. This allows some fault tolerance if your relaying service offers you multiple hosts.

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