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How do I .... with Citadels Serverside Mail Filtering?


Goto \\ {{faq:everydayuse:advanced_button.jpg|Advanced}}\\ ->\\ {{faq:everydayuse:edit_sieve_link.jpg?295|View/edit server-side mail filters}}\\ select \\ {{faq:everydayuse:sieve_filter_it.jpg?468|Filter it according to rules selected below}}\\ and create a rule, add it, and you're done.

Create / add a rule

Create a room where you want sieve to move your mail to; For example \\ {{faq:everydayuse:create_new_rule.jpg?400|filter your Ebay Mails}}.\\ An press save.

Auto Reply Messages

Enable Sieve-Filtering, and choose:\\ {{faq:everydayuse:autoreply.jpg?300|}}
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