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How do i track down or follow mesages or users?

Checking whether a mail is deliverable

citadel offers you the [[documentation:cmdman:sendcommand|sendcommand program]] //([[documentation:file_layout|need help to locate it?]])//, to do [[documentation:applicationprotocol|single api calls]] to it. One of these api calls is [[documentation:appproto:connection#qdir.query.global.directory|QDIR]] You could use it to test whether an email would be deliverable on this host. for example (called as root) sendcommand "QDIR someuser@yourcitadel.org"
  sendcommand "QDIR someuser@yourcitadel.org"
would check if someuser exists. (Note: the mail.aliases file isn't examined here for.)

Editing email aliases

Citadels way to configure a users email adresses is via his contact informations; In webcit **Advanced->Update your contact information**; edit the fields **Primary Internet e-mail address** and multi line field **Internet e-mail aliases**. If the QDIR command didn't work out it should after this procedure.

Aide editing/creating users

If you have aide access, you can create & edit other users (and their personal vcards) in **Administration->Add, change, delete user accounts**. This is also the recommendet way if you disable self service account creation. Please note that the users should log in at least once to make the changes take effect.

System wide Email aliases

These aliases are only available to aide users. They're usually [[faq:everydayuse:how_do_i_beautify_the_mailname_of_a_public_room|used to control the email addresses of public rooms]]. They can be configured in the **Remote Retrieval** tab of the room options. They are also used to map the RFC required email addresses to the aide room.

Checking DNS

If you didn't properly set up your MX record, remote parties will not be able to send mail to you though it is localy deliverable. [[faq:spam:i_want_to_be_a_whitehead|Read on about MX Records]]

Rebuilding the Email address mapping database

In some occasions it seems the delivery mapping doesn't remain accurate. This may happen if you changed the hostname or removed virtual domains. In this case you need to issue sendcommand IGAB
  sendcommand IGAB
and retest email deliverability.

Testing host based authentication

If you have chosen not to use citadels internal accounting, citadel forks an extra deamon on start check whether an password is right on the system or not (it needs root privileges for that, and thus starts this before dropping the privileges). You can however check this with the citadels chkpw program (you have to be root... ) Given **/etc/passwd** contains a line like that: someuser:x:1000:100:Some User,,,:/home/someuser:/bin/bash
  someuser:x:1000:100:Some User,,,:/home/someuser:/bin/bash
(where 1000 is the UID, and 100 is the GID)
chkpw would be called like that:

root:~# /usr/lib/citadel-server/chkpw

** host auth mode test utility **
 ** host auth mode test utility **

Starting chkpwd daemon for host authentication mode
     uid: 1000
     uid: 1000
     uid: 1000
     uid: 1000

Hence it is not able to retrieve the UID you need to look for that. If password validation fails you need to trace this.
This applies to ldap authentication too, since its done via pam.

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