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USERLIST iterator

Provides Context CTX_USERLIST

requires administrator privileges.

Loads the actualy available users from the server.

This list is sortable by the usual HTTP sort parameters:

http parameter	Purpose
--------------	-------
SortOrder	Forward/Reverse sort the userlist before iterating
SortBy		Criterion to sort the list by; see below.

Sort Name	Purpose
---------	-------
user:name	Name; sort alphabetical by the login name
user:accslvl	Accesslevel; sort by the rights of the user
user:nlogons	nLogons; sort by the number of times the users logged in
user:uid	ID; sort by the integer representation of the user; probably reproduces
		the sequence in which they were created
user:lastlogon	LastLogon; sort by their last action date
user:lastlogon	nLogons; sort by their number of consumed sessions
user:nmsgposts	Posts; sort by their activity level

User data

Requires Context CTX_USERLIST
Replacer		Content
USERLIST:USERNAME	Loginname of the user to edit / display (escapable by "X")
USERLIST:UID		The integer Userid of the actual user 
USERLIST:ACCLVLNO	Access Level of the user 
USERLIST:ACCLVLSTR	I18N'ed Stringrepresentation of the user Access Level
USERLIST:LASTLOGON:STR	Time the user logged in last time; String Representation 
USERLIST:LASTLOGON:NO	Time the user logged in last time; Integer representation 
USERLIST:NLOGONS	How many times did this user log on? 
USERLIST:NPOSTS		Number of messages this user posted 
USERLIST:FLAGS		Flags of this user; just available while inspecting one user 
USERLIST:DAYSTILLPURGE	Days remaining till this user will be purged; just available while inspecting one user 




Checks whether the contexts userlists UID is the one specified by 'usernum' or the Username is the same as specified by 'username'.


Requires Context CTX_USERLIST
Parameters	Type	Description 
3		int	accesslevel to compare the context users to


Requires Context CTX_USERLIST

does the context user have access to internet email? (just available in display_edituser)

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