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Inspecting internal information using Webcit

As you already know, Citadel keeps its informations collected in rooms. Webcit hides some of them from you, or uses special renderers to polish their content for you.

Special Rooms / Aliases

Webcit room Renderers

Since rooms can contain different kinds of messages, different renderers are used to display their contents to the user. Some roomtypes are hard associated with renderers, some allow switching between renderers with the dropdown menu in the upper right of the screen.

  C / Template Name       Maps to number | Renders as... 
|VIEW_BBS		| 0	         | Bulletin board view 
|VIEW_MAILBOX		| 1	         | Mailbox summary 
|VIEW_ADDRESSBOOK	| 2	         | Address book view 
|VIEW_CALENDAR		| 3	         | Calendar view 
|VIEW_TASKS		| 4	         | Tasks view 
|VIEW_NOTES		| 5	         | Notes view 
|VIEW_WIKI		| 6	         | Wiki view 
|VIEW_CALBRIEF		| 7	         | Brief Calendar view 
|VIEW_JOURNAL		| 8	         | Journal view 
|VIEW_DRAFTS		| 9	         | Drafts view 
|VIEW_BLOG		| 10	         | Blog view 
|VIEW_QUEUE		| 11             | SMTP/... QUEUE rooms 
|VIEW_WIKIMD		| 12	         | Markdown Wiki view 
|VIEW_MAX               |(moveable)      | Marker to separate disk stored room renderers.. 
|VIEW_JSON_LIST         |(VIEW_MAX + 1)  | Payload list for VIEW_MAILBOX; may not be used as permanent renderer. 

Hacking it by self composing URLs

i.e. for debugging purposes, you might want to force webcit to go into rooms, and force another renderer than the default one. A good candidate for this is VIEW_MAILBOX, since it simply renders a list of messages, and allows to move / delete unwanted messages.

So for example you want to inspect the mail queue by hand for maintenance, editing the URL like this would work:


Another example; go to your users config settings room:

dotgoto?room=My Citadel Config&view=1

Feel free to combine the two tables above, but don't complain if it doesn't work out ;-)

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