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File layouts for the Citadel system

There are two different file layouts possible for the Citadel system. If your Citadel environment was built using Easy Install, or if you are running it inside a Docker instance, you will find all of the files consolidated in the /usr/local hierarchy. If you are using .DEB or .RPM packages, however, your Citadel files will appear all over the host system in accordance with the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard.

If you need to migrate a Citadel installation from one layout to the other, you will need to relocate your files between these locations.

Consolidated layout (Easy Install or Docker installations)

/usr/local/citadel			Citadel Server, utilities, and the command-line client
/usr/local/citadel/data			All databases live here
/usr/local/webcit			WebCit web user interface for Citadel
/usr/local/ctdlsupport			Libraries such as libcitadel

LFHS layout (.deb or .rpm packages)

/usr/share/citadel-server/help		The help files for the commandline client
/etc/citadel/messages			Welcome messages and so on.
/etc/ssl/citadel			Server SSL Certificates
/etc/citadel				Command-line client configuration such as citadel.rc
/var/lib/citadel/files			Upload and download library
/var/lib/citadel/data			All databases live here
/var/run/citadel			PID and Socket files
/usr/sbin				Server binaries such as citserver and sendcommand
/usr/lib/citadel			Administrative tools such as setup
/usr/bin/citadel			User tools such as the command-line client
/usr/lib/citadel-server			Server utilities
/usr/share/doc/citadel-server/examples	Example scrips such as database_cleanup.sh
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